Moving forward

Two men in front of factory

For Connecting2Australia’s Disability Employment Consultant Amanda Clifford, it’s all about finding the balance in meeting the needs of both employer and employee. And with Kleeton Broad and ACS Signage, it seems she found the perfect match.

Kleeton, who for the past 15 years had been part of the C2A Seaford work crew as a supported employee, made the transition to open employment in October and he is thriving in his new role. According to Amanda, ACS Signage is equally thrilled with their newest employee and feedback is they would highly recommend C2A to other employers.

“It was the first time ACS had ever employed someone with a disability and I don’t think it will be their last”, she said. “Andrew at ACS has been most impressed with the process, particularly the post placement support Kleeton receives from C2A for up to 12 months if needed”. When Kleeton first decided he wanted to move into open employment, Amanda worked with him to determine what he wanted to do, secured the lead with a potential employer, took him to the job interview and later discussed wage subsidy and work trail options with ACS.

For Kleeton, open employment means more money in his pocket, a new career path in warehousing and the potential to be trained in signwriting. And judging by the smile on his face, he’s pretty happy with his decision. “In my job, it’s all about the connection”, said Amanda. “There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing such a positive outcome for both parties. When I see an employer who is happy with the placement and an employee who looks forward to going to work and creating a new future, it’s truly what makes my job worthwhile”.