C2A embraces AccessAbility Day

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At Connecting2Australia (C2A), we’re all about the connection and creating opportunities so we were quick to open our doors to Josh Telford as part of AccessAbility Day.

AccessAbility Day is a voluntary, obligation free day for employers (like C2A) to have an opportunity to see the potential jobseekers with disability can bring to the workplace and learn about available Government support. It is also a great opportunity for jobseekers with disability to experience a workplace or role that aligns with their career interests.

Josh, who is currently finishing his introductory course in Community Services at Advance Community College in a bid to kickstart his career working with youth, jumped at the chance to spend the day shadowing and being mentored by our Work Connections Coordinator Phil Trood who runs our School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) program.

On Friday, Phil, Josh, facilitator Rob and nine participants enjoyed an excursion to Melbourne Museum with a picnic in Carlton Gardens. The purpose of the outing was to teach the participants to implement skills they have learned (independent travel training, independent living, budgeting, social and emotional interaction, money handling) as well as reward them with a great day out.

“Josh did really well on the day, demonstrating a really good balance of respect and openness with the participants”, said Phil. “As his confidence grew, he became more relaxed and interactive with everyone. I think he did really well and benefited from this firsthand experience within a work environment”.

C2A’s Disability Employment Service (DES) Coordinator Amanda Clifford, has been working closely with Josh over the past few months and was instrumental in helping him access the introductory course in Community Services.

“Josh is one young man who knows he wants to create a career path for himself that involves working with youth”, Amanda said. “Having him come in to C2A and spend the day learning from Phil and Rob was invaluable but that’s what AccessAbility Day is all about…bringing potential employers and jobseekers together”.

Photo (left to right): C2A Coordinator Phil Trood, Josh Telford and C2A Facilitator Rob Liada. For more information about C2A’s SLES and/or DES programs, please call 1300 111 212 or visit www.connecting2australia.org.au

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