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AccessAbility Day provided the perfect opportunity for jobseekers with disability and employers to connect for a day and experience what each has to offer.
For C2A participant Bradley Sharp and TuffTurf in Heatherton, that’s exactly what happened. With the help of C2A’s Disability Employment Service Consultant Amanda Clifford, the two parties had a ‘trial run’, where TuffTurf got to explore the concept of employing a jobseeker with disability, while Bradley had the chance to gain an insight into open employment.

Brad currently enjoys supported employment at C2A’s Work Connections Seaford hub where he is part of the grounds maintenance crew and is undertaking his Certificate III in Horticulture at Chisholm. TuffTurf plans, provides, installs, and maintains synthetic turf and surfaces so it was a great opportunity for Brad to dip his toe in the water and trial a different type of work and environment, with him spending time working with Barry in the warehouse.

According to TuffTurf Office Manager Vicky Malliaros, it was a wonderful opportunity for both the business and staff to experience firsthand and one they would consider repeating in the future. Prior to his arrival, a lovely email was sent out to all staff welcoming Brad and a link to AccessAbility Day so staff could better understand the purpose behind it.

“This was the first time we had organised to someone with a disability come to our work and we thoroughly enjoyed it”, she said. “Having Bradley spend the day with us was a delight. He was very happy, friendly, easy to get along with and no task was too hard for him. We greatly appreciated the work he did while he was here”.

For Bradley, the time at TuffTurf was well spent because it proved to him, he is on the right track with his Horticulture course.
“I enjoyed being there and the people were really friendly and nice to me”, he said. “What I did learn was I prefer being outside, even in winter. For me, working outside in the garden is what I love doing the most”.

According to Amanda, that’s exactly what AccessAbility Day is all about. “We’re very grateful to TuffTurf for being so inclusive and opening their doors to provide this opportunity to Brad and we equally commend Brad for stepping outside his comfort zone. It’s all about learning new things, being open to experiences, and figuring out we’re all unique and its not a one size fits all world”.

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