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Do you have a creative flair?
Are passionate about the environment?
Are you interested in designing and building furniture?

Welcome to Connecting2Australia (C2A) Creative Opportunities located in Brunswick! Environmentally resourceful furniture locally made by people living with disability.

What are creative opportunities?
‘Creative Opportunities’ is about empowering you to develop your creativity through the exploration of different creative outlets. By doing so, you can interact with others, build friendships, work in a team environment to develop lifelong skills. C2A offers a range of different creative opportunities tailored to your preference. Whether it is candle making, screen printing, gardening, sewing, or even assembly and packing – we have something for everyone!
What is unique about the Brunswick Creative Opportunities hub?
Set in the heart of Sydney Road, Brunswick, the C2A Creative Opportunities team includes over 35 supported employees living with a disability and a team of passionate and experienced staff who work together to design, handcraft, and proudly produce recycled timber furniture for residential and commercial customers. Our team’s passion and enthusiasm shines through into every single piece of furniture created. 

What type of furniture do you produce?
From benchtops, beds, bedside tables, tallboys, low boys, dining tables, to everything in between. Our Brunswick team forecast ahead and understand market trends to deliver modern furniture to suit our broad range of customers Australia-wide. Whether you are a business owner or need a new piece for the home living room – we can accommodate you!

Want to see our furniture? Click this link to see our current catalog.

How do our supported employees get involved?

Our amazing team of creative supported employees are involved in every step of the process. From brainstorming the current trending furniture designs to waving goodbye to the final dispatch of sold furniture. They are the soul of this vibrant factory and no two days are the same. From designing, measuring, sanding, joining, or even cleaning, the jobs are endless. Our staff have over 100 years’ experience in the furniture production industry. They work one on one and in group, environments to share their passion and perfect their craft with our eager group of supported employees.

What makes the furniture recycled?

In line with C2A values & our green team initiatives – our Brunswick Creative Opportunities team ensures we contribute positively to the environment by choosing sustainable resources.

Our recycled timber comes from dismantled wharves, used power poles, or timber rafters from demolished old woolsheds! All sources of beautiful Australian hardwoods that would otherwise be destined for landfill or firewood find themselves with a second lease on life in the hands of our team at Creative Opportunities, Brunswick. To complement this, the timbers we use are Forest Stewardship Council and Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification certified to confirm they had a previous life and purpose.

We have also made the conscious choice to use low-toxicity, water-based finishing products with the highest quality to maintain a happy and healthy environment!

By re-using these materials, we are helping to reduce our carbon footprint and preserve old-growth forests. 

Do you create custom pieces of furniture?

Yes, we love to work with businesses and consumers to design and create custom timber pieces to suit your taste and function. Please contact us to discuss your next project on 1300 111 212.

How do I join Creative Opportunities as a supported employee?

We would love to have you on our creative team! Based on your location, we also offer many other creative opportunities too, such as candle making, sewing, screen printing, and many more.
Get in contact with us on 1300 111 212 to get started today!

How do I get in touch with Creative Opportunities as a business owner?

Are you looking for furniture to fit out all of your office spaces?
Do you need a grand new desk top for your reception area?
Are you a cafe owner and looking for a unique piece of timber furniture built in your local Brunswick area? Get in contact with us on 1300 111 212 and make the conscious decision to empower supported employees from a non for profit disability provider.

How do I purchase or enquire about the furniture for my house?

Click the button below to see our furniture catalog.

All of these are available for purchase and we can arrange freight Australia-wide.

We also have a showroom at the Connecting2Australia Mildura hub located at 882 Fifteenth Street, Mildura.

Get in contact with us on 1300 111 212 for more information.

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