Community Connections

  • Do you offer more than group activities?

    Yes. At C2A we also do 1:1, 1:2, 1:3 individual support as well as group activities. It all comes down to your NDIS plan. You can choose how to best use your funding by either sharing your support (groups) or getting individual support.

  • Can you offer support every day?

    Yes, depending on the elements of your NDIS plan.

  • What type of life skills do you offer?

    We offer life skills such cooking, healthy eating, managing your finances, independent living but if there is an activity you’re interested in, we can try to make it happen.

  • Are there any additional costs?

    Some activities may have an additional cost. C2A will provide you with all details and help work out an affordable plan if needed so you can take part in the activities you’re interested in.

Work Connections

  • Can you help me with living more independently?

    Yes. C2A Work Connections can help you learn to cook and prepare simple meals; improve your reading and writing; get out and about using public transport; teach you how to use an ATM and manage your money; show you how to fill out forms…just to name a few.

  • How can you help me get a job?

    Yes. We can help you access tailored training programs; train in specific job skills; write your resume and cover letter; build personal confidence and sharpen your interview skills; access suitable work experience placement; with pre and post placement support and mentoring; and identify opportunities for traineeships and apprenticeships.

  • Do you offer any support after I’ve gotten a job?

    Yes. Our DES consultant can help you with: on-the-job training; ongoing support to ensure you succeed and gain independence; speaking to your boss and co-workers; modifying your workplace if required; Auslan at work; and implementing Work Assist program.

  • Can I change jobs if I want to?

    Yes. C2A has a wide range of supported employment opportunities available across our Work Connections hubs and our DES consultant can also help place you into employment of your choice with external businesses.

  • Do you offer any additional supports to employers?

    Yes. Our DES consultant can help you access funding for workplace modifications; can provide ongoing support and training so your employee remains productive, fits in and can meet the demand of the role; provide staff development through disability awareness training; help tailor existing jobs so they are suitable for a person with disability; and access to specialised interpreter services if required.

Business Connections

  • Are you work crews supervised?

    Yes. C2A’s work crews operate under the supervision of a Work Crew Facilitator.

  • Does C2A tender for work contracts?

    Yes. C2A is well versed in work contract tenders and welcomes the opportunity to participate within a competitive marketplace.

  • Do you offer a range of work options?

    Yes. C2A Work Crews are available for long-term regular contracts, one-off jobs, seasonal work, small and large jobs, commercial and domestic. Our candle and screen printing facilities can also create branded corporate gifts and accessories.


  • How do I know if I am eligible?

    The NDIS provides funding to people who are 0-64 years of age, who have a significant or permanent disability and who need help with everyday activities. This includes people whose disability is attributed to intellectual, cognitive, neurological, sensory, or physical impairment, or a psychiatric condition. The NDIS website has a tool called My Access Checker that provides a series of questions to help people understand whether they may be able to access assistance under the NDIS. It might take 10-20 minutes to complete.

  • How is the NDIS different to the current scheme?

    Instead of providing funding direct to the organisation providing the services, the NDIS gives funding direct to the individual or their carer who can then enrol them in whichever programs they choose in conjunction with the NDIA.

  • Will the NDIS impact my Disability Support Pension?

    No. The NDIS will not replace the Disability Support Pension. The NDIS is a separate national fund created to finance your reasonable and necessary support needs and associated aids and equipment. The NDIS is not means tested and as such, anyone who is eligible can apply for assistance, regardless of the Disability Support Pension or level of personal income.

  • What type of supports can be funded under the NDIS?

    The NDIS will provide funding for core supports for everyday living, Capacity Building supports to improve skills and independence, and Capital to improve access and independence. This might include: transport to enable participation in community, social, economic and daily life activities; workplace help to allow a participant to successfully gain and keep employment or supported employment; therapeutic supports including behaviour support; help with household tasks to allow you to maintain your home environment; help by staff skilled in aids or equipment assessment, set up and training; home modification design and installation; mobility equipment; and vehicle modifications.

  • What if I’m in Supported Employment?

    Supported Employment is funded by the Federal Government through the Department of Social Services (DSS). Most people already in supported employment will be eligible for the NDIS.

  • What is an NDIA advocate?

    Everyone applying for the NDIS is entitled to have an NDIA advocate if they want one. It is important to know that you have the right to choose who they are. Connecting2Australia can advocate on your behalf to help you make sense of the transition and your available options. Your advocate is there to listen to your needs and support you.

  • How can Connecting2Australia help advocate for you?

    Connecting2Australia is here to assist you in preparing for your NDIS meeting and our staff are happy to attend the planning meeting with you and provide the support you require.

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